Dutch Kennels History : Dutch Kennels was founded by Fran and Henry Siegel in December 2001 but our love of Bouviers began 30 years ago with Fran's first Bouvier, Eli. He was a large striking black dog from the Abadi Kennels whose intelligence led him to a life as a Guide dog for the Blind. Eli went through Guiding Eyes for the Blind training successfully and was eventually paired with his new owner. But the time he spent with Fran convinced her that the breed would be her perfect companion.

16 years later, Fran's children, Nadja and Jake convinced their Mother they were old enough and responsible enough for a dog and Ari came into their lives. A loving , curly haired puppy, he soon took up residence on Nadja's bed. Snuggling beside her through her high school years, he grew from a 6 lb pup to a 100 lb lap dog. He was a loving, affectionate, intelligent Bouvier who loved attention and was well- loved by all who met him. He showed our family and friends that being a big boy didn't prevent him from being a lap dog.

Sadly we lost Ari in the summer of 2003 but not before the birth of Dutch Kennels. Eli and Ari had done so much for us that we wanted to ensure the breed would continue as strong, healthy intelligent examples.

Nadja's love for Bouviers led her to become a veterinarian which has been instrumental in establishing the Dutch Kennel line of dogs as well as assisting her mother on the birth of the new puppies and the healthy raising.

Our First Litter

In October 2006, our first litter was whelped. Isis bred to Cory gave birth to nine (9) puppies (6 male and 3 females). All have gone to wonderful and loving homes. The owners say the following about them:

  • He is loving and truly lovable.
  • Everyday he becomes more and more handsome
  • He is getting big but remains a baby
  • She makes my wife very happy
  • He will steal the show wherever we take him
  • He is a smart boy and extremely active
  • He keeps us moving and laughing all day long

Our Second Litter

March 30th , we welcomed a litter of 6 puppies (5 male, 1 female) at Dutch Bouviers. It is significant to note that the beginning of Spring brings another delivery of affectionate and endearing puppies.The breeding is the same one that was successfully whelped last year (Gale to Icy) and gave us our wonderful dog Carly as well as ten other puppies (8 females and 3 males in all). We have sold all our dear puppies to new loving homes.

Our Third Litter

We were pleased to announce the breeding of our beautiful girl Lola to Ch Lothar-Penny at the beginning of this year and so on June 22, 2008, we greeted 8 new beautiful puppies - 6 males and 2 females. The first came at 5:13AM and the last was 11:15AM. The weights ranged from 9 1/2 to 13 1/2 ounces. Lola and the pups did very welll. 

Our Fourth Litter

The breeding of our beautiful girl Isis with Ch Lakota's Icy Ed earlier this year was a success! On June 27, 2008, we greeted 10 adorable little ones - 7 females and 3 males. Isis started at 9:20AM and didn't stop until 6:10PM. It was quite a day. The pups on average weighed between 12-14 ounces. Isis watched over the newborns with much love.

Our Fifth Litter

It was very hectic here on Saturday night, January 17th, Lola had 11 puppies - all females (what are the odds that would happen?). The first came at 6:10 pm and the last at 10:15 pm. We were up all night feeding them since she had trouble making milk. She and the puppies are doing well now. All were in the 10.5 to 14.5 ounces except for one that weighed 7.5. Four weeks later all  more than tripled their weights.

Our Sixth Litter

Again it was pandemonium here on Thursday, February 12. Angelina had 11 puppies. This time most were boys - 9 of them. All were one pound or greater. It took her almost 6 hours to deliver them all. Thank you for choosing Dutch Bouviers!

Our Seventh Litter

We are pleased to tell you our Champion Angelina (we call her Jolie) gave birth to 12 puppies (half girls and boys) on Monday, April 18, 2011.  The birth began just after midnight and lastly to noon - 12 long hours.  Only one puppy was under one pound.  All went to good homes.

Why Dutch dogs are extraordinary: Dutch dogs are bred for soundness, type, temperament, health and exceptional movement.

Our vision is to breed top quality dogs for conformation, performance and companionship. We believe the most effective way to achieve this goal is to breed only quality animals and grow our puppies to carefully maximize their health and intellectual potential.

Dutch's Standards:

Selected Breeding Stock: Dutch dogs are carefully screened for breeding potential based on many factors. Those begin with OFA (heart, hips and elbows) and eye testing by a licensed Veterinarian Ophthalmologist. Other health tests are performed as indicated. All breeding stock is evaluated for structural and mental soundness, against the breed standard. Only individuals that meet our exacting standard will be bred at Dutch Kennels.

Careful Rearing and Socialization: Dutch Dogs are carefully raised and socialized to maximize their health and intellectual potential. They are introduced to a variety of experiences and individuals, including children to make sure they will adapt quickly and easily to life with their new family.

The right dog to the right home: We evaluate each puppy's individual characteristics to determine the most appropriate home. We also evaluate each prospective buyer to find the right permanent and loving home.

Responsible Pet Ownership: Dutch supports responsible pet ownership. We send all animals (other than show prospects) out on a Limited Registration, and take a spay/neuter deposit to ensure only the finest individuals pass on their genetics to the future.

All individuals are sold with contract/warrantee to show or pet home. Please email us for information on our contract.

Deposits are accepted from approved homes, on contract to reserve your puppy from an upcoming litter.

We interview all potential clients



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